Hacker seeks information

  • Looking for information on how to debug a ColdFire V1 chip. mx:
  • Looking for someone to
    • show me how to make dual/ multiple OS boot with Android devices,
    • show me how to get Android Open Source adapted and compiled for a target (phone).
    • (hardware is „Unihertz Jelly Star“, unlocked and can be rooted, but so far no precompiled Android I could find. And I do know next to nothing Android-specific, but I do know a lot of GNU/Linux.)
    • @dreieck, also at Mastodon, DECT: 3134.
  • Seeking Ukrainian speaking Person, to learn some sentences, useful for travelling to Ukraine. (No war tourist, want to meet a friend to help him with stuff). Contact, Threema: 8VDT4ZSZ, Matrix:

Fileserver seeks Leechers

  • FTP: (anonymous)

Hardware seeks Hacker

  • I have a „spoke light“ (16 single-color LEDs) that I can't manage to mount on my bicycle. Therefore I give it away for free. Matrix

Hacker seeks Hardware

* Looking for speakers + cable to borrow (testing noise toy). Matrix: * looking for an old thinkpad (any model, preferably working)

Hacker seeks Hacker

  • Looking for someone who has experience with U-Boot and i.MX6/8. I have some questions regarding the „SPL“. Matrix
  • Hobby Photographer looking for photo opportunities. If you want to get a photo of yourself, your group or your invention for free just message me. @wieerwill or matrix
    • also happy about info about photo spots in regensburg
    • Looking for someone who can help me with USB HID firmware in rust mx:
  • I am looking for someone with a Garmin/ Open Source/ … GPS-watch with maps and routing (e.g. like the Garmin eTrex 20/30). No Android/ iOS, but dedicated functionality. I want to gain hands-on experience on the device.

Hacker seeks vehicle

  • Looking for a bicycle (or electric scooter or so) to borrow while on the Easterhegg, to go from and to my sleeping place.

Hacker seeks Fun

  • Trans fem looking to meet other trans* beings mx:
  • trans creature looking for other trans* creatures to do stuff with; -

Free hugs/ massages/ ...

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